Volunteer Information

The Montebello Pet Fair is organized and run by volunteers. The more dedicated volunteers we have, the easier it will be for us to pull off a great fair.

Volunteer positions include:
5+ people – Setup and breakdown crews (Absolutely essential for the day to run smoothly)
8+ people – Vendor/Nonprofit setup and breakdown crews (8am-10am; 3pm-4pm)(We really need a lot of people in these crews so we can give our vendors & nonprofits a easy experience)
3+ people – Information booth
3+ people – Parking attendants
Master of Ceremonies (DJ experience if possible, too)
3 people – Photographers/Videographers
3+ people – Art Corner Crew (helping children as they color. And do the art project.)

For General Event Volunteers fill out the Google Form below and complete the Training Quiz

Youth are welcome to volunteer at the fair. If you are under 14 you will need your parent or guardian to volunteer with you.

If you choose to volunteer with us the following is required:
1. Fill out the form below
2. Do our Volunteer Training (read the short volunteer handbook)
3. Complete the short Volunteer Training Quiz (it’s an open book quiz!)
Volunteers who do not complete these steps will not be accepted as volunteers.

To sign up to volunteer at the fair please fill out the form below.

Apply via our Facebook Job Post
Apply for mc job

Apply via our Facebook Job Post
Apply for photo/video job