A One Of Kind Pet Event Near You

One of a kind pet event near you. All dogs and their humans are welcomed. Saturday, November 7, 2020 i Montebello City Park.

Our ultimate goal is to provide resources and education to pet owners that allow their pet’s to live a better & happier life.

Low-Cost Vaccinations by Spay & Neuter Project LA (SNPLA) at Montebello Pet Fair.

Low-Cost Vaccinations

All day low-cost vaccinations & microchipping is provided for dogs and cats by our partner Spay & Neuter Project LA.
A total of 76 pets were vaccinated in 2022.

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Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Surgeries by Latino Alliance for Animal CAre Foundation in Montebello, CA.

Low-Cost Spay & Neuter

All low-cost spay & neuter surgeries are performed by our partner Latino Alliance for Animal Care Foundation (LACCF) for small dogs and cats. *Appointments are required for all surgeries.

A total of 33 pets were spayed or neutered last year.

Montebello Pet Fair Food & Supply Drive for Feeding Pets of the Homeless.

Food & Supply Drive

Community members & partners donated tons of dry/wet food, toys & supplies for Feeding the Pets of the Homeless, a nationwide non-profit that focuses on helping pets of homeless individuals. All donations we’re distributed locally.

Pet Businesses vendors at Montebello Pet Fair

60+ Small Business Booths

Pet parents get a chance to shop delicious treats, fashionable pet attires, squeeky/plush toys and so much more for their furry ones. Most of our vendors sell items for dogs, cats, and humans.

We are proud to provide a platform to support small local businesses.

Montebello Pet Fair is 100% volunteer organized, all business & individual contributions go towards the fees & supplies needed for the fair.

How can I get involved?

There are several ways that you can participate in the fair. This event is brought together by Montebello residents for the Montebello Community and surrounding cities.

Become a vendor at Montebello Pet Fair, an event where pet businesses can find new customers in Los Angeles, CA.

Become a Vendor

Have a 10×10 booth space the day of the event to showcase your products & services.


Become a sponsor of Montebello Pet Fair, the annual pet event every pet parent must attend.

Become a Sponsor

Purchased an Ad in our event booklet that gets distributed the day of the event. Several sizes are available.


Become a volunteer for Montebello Pet Fair, a one of a kind pet event in Los Angeles, CA.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer to assist with logistics and execution the day of the event. Several volunteer positions are available.


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You can watch our Facebook Live from our 2019 fair here.

Pet owner with dog at the park Photo by Manuel Meza on Unsplash