Bring Your Pet

Health & Safety

Since the fair is at a public park there is no pet waiver for you to sign. Because of this, we ask that you consider the safety of other attendees and their pets when you are deciding to attend with your dog. If you know your dog is hard to control when they are around other dogs or in a new environment, we ask that you leave your dog at home. Your dog will thank you.

  • Please pick up after your animal. Please bring poop bags as the fair does not provide them.
  • Pets must be on a leash or in a pet carrier.
  • Do not bring female animals that are in heat.
  • Do not bring animals that have a bite history or cannot handle being around other dogs. (If you are attending with her pet who needs vaccinations or to be spayed/neutered please attend with another person so one of you can stand in line while the other stands to the side with the reactive dog.)
  • Ask before introducing your dog (or yourself) to another dog. Quickly approaching another dog with your dog (or even just by yourself) could create a situation where a dog can bite. Even a dog who has never bitten before.

Preparing your dog for the fair

We recommend playing with your dog at home before attending the event. This will get some energy out so they won’t be as excited or reactive once they are at the fair. You know your dog best. If you feel your dog might have a tough time handling being at the fair, please consider leaving them at home.